Đem đến hướng tiếp cận mới mẻ cho IT với các hoạt động quản trị trong doanh nghiệp (ITSM) như quản lý hệ thống tickets, quản lý tài sản, hàng tồn kho, hợp đồng, dữ liệu,. Đặc biệt, Freshservice cho phép doanh nghiệp tối ưu hóa với chứng năng catalog giúp nhân viên có thể dễ dàng dựa chọn dịch vụ cần thiết trong quá trình làm việc. Hơn thề nữa, Freshservice cung cấp công cụ quản lý tài sản theo hướng Agent Less để bộ phận IT có thể dễ dàng quét các thiệt bị trong hệ thống và quản lý sự thay đổi một cách dễ dàng.

Easy to use & Set up

Modern and intuitive UI that need a minimal training, and customizable for IT and non-IT needs!

Multi-channel Support

Automate tasks and provide support for issues via email, self-service portal, phone, chat, or in person

Informations at Your Fingertips

Maintain records of contracts, hardware, software, and other assets, including all details from from acquisition to expiry

Gamification Features

Turn your service desk into a highly engaging and fun experience for your agents

Why Choose us ?

All you Need for IT solution

We will assist you until the onboarding process. So, if you encounter a problem, reach us anytime, we’ll gladly to help you out

Customer Satisfaction

We will do our best to give best service to our customer because customer satisfaction is one of the key of our success. Your happiness is our happiness

Support Local Languages

We communicate in plain way that everyone will understand, so rest assured and also we can support you in Indonesian and English

Custom Integrations

Already have favorite apps and want integration instead? Don’t worry, we offer custom integrations with your preferred apps

Why Freshservice?

Cloud based that resolve your IT pain point and drive efficiency

Service desk software that aligns IT with the business

Set up an IT system that’s simple, efficient, runs like clockwork and is completely personalized to your company’s needs

Incident Management

Resolve tickets raised via email, self-service portal, phone, or in person. Track, prioritize, assign, and automate resolution processes to drive efficiency

SLA Management

Set multiple SLA policies for creating task deadlines and automate communication about SLA violations. Easily resolve tickets based on priorities,

Knowledge Base

Create solutions for your incidents, automatically convert it to knowledge base articles, and improve productivity by responding to similar requests

Service Catalog

Offer multiple services for different departments through the user-friendly service catalog so users can easily place and receive requests in no time


Simple automation functions to leverage the built-in capabilities. Prioritize, categorize, assign and close tickets, and notification for agent and customer

Self-service Portal

Enable customer to access knowledge base before submit a ticket, and let them requests directly from the support portal that can be customizable

Slick, modern and efficient ITSM software

Intuitive systems that automate mundane tasks, let you plan and track effectively, and keep the whole team on the same page

Problem Management

Isolate problems, link it to existing or past incidents, perform root cause analyses with Freshservice’s timeline of events, and minimize disruptions to the business

Change Management

Plan, rollback, change and let relevant members evaluate and approve changes. Analyze and mitigate risks by assessing new changes before it’s rolled out

Release Managament

Plan releases by documenting the build and test plans, set start and end dates to update team members by creating announcements in your Freshservice account

The Complete Project Management Toolkit

Streamline individual and team workflow and easily collaborate with teammates and across teams in real-time

Task Management

Manage projects by organizing them into tasks and nested subtasks, and easily assign them to individual owners. Collaborate and discuss, attach files for context, view dependencies, and use the activity log to monitor progress

Real-time Project Dashboard

Gain complete visibility into all your projects at a glance with our simplified dashboard that shows real-time progress. View all the details you need, keep track of the project timeline, and be notified of deadline violations with our tracking indicator

Integrated ITSM Platform

Track and manage all your assets, tickets, and changes within the single system of your service desk. Plan projects better with integrated modules, and manage all their dependencies and relationships from the single window of your portal

The most efficient IT asset management software to track your inventory

A comprehensive range of asset management features lets you never lose track of an asset or forget to renew a contract again

Asset Auto-Discovery

View all conversations in one place. Make your next sales call or schedule appointment from the same interface

CMDB/ Configuration Management

Purchase local and toll-free numbers from inside Freshsales and assign them to your sales reps to start call

Contract Management

Record a voicemail, upload a greeting, or type your voicemail message that will convert into audio by Freshsales

Inventory Management

No extra software/hardware costs. Just place calls with one-click from inside Freshsales application!

Advanced analytics for greater visibility and service improvement

Advanced metrics give you constant insight that lets you improve performance, identify problems, and plan based on successes

Out-of-the-box Reports

Generate pre-defined reports for incidents, changes, and assets using various filters, or choose from our curated reports. Easily identify bottlenecks, purchases plan,& shared reports

Custom Reports

Easily organize yours insights into tailored reports to stay on top of SLAs and service desk performance. View real-time data as presentations or schedule periodic email reports

Interactive Visualizations

Data visualization engine automatically show optimal way to present your data. You can browse interactive visualizations with Smartboards. Easily improve your performance

Natural Language Querying

Ask about your service desk data instantly using the Natural Language Querying engine. Build custom visualizations, add filters, and even ask questions using a search bar


Integrations/ Apps

Freshservice’s array of third-party integrations let you use your favorite apps to manage your service desk

Mobile Apps

The iOS and Android apps let you provide end-to-end support within teams, view daily tasks, and remotely manage assets


The exclusive integrated game mechanics transform your internal service desk


Ensure only employees can sign in to your service desk by whitelisting specific IP addresses

Free Product Demo

We will assist you during your Freshdesk trial and feel free to share us your schedule for 1-on-1 online product demo. It’s Free.

tháng năm

585.000 vnđ

/agent/tháng (Cam kết tháng)
Quản lý sự cố
Thư viện kiến thức
Trang tự phục vụ
Tự động hóa
Báo cáo chuẩn
Tích hợp
Không giới hạng người dùng cuối

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1.287.000 vnđ

/agent/tháng (Cam kết tháng)
Bao gồm tính năng gói Blossom và ...
Service Catalog
Quản lý thiết bị
Tùy chỉnh và lên lịch báo cáo
Đa ngôn ngữ
Domain Whitelisting
Hỗ trợ đa SLAs và giờ làm việc
Không giới hạn Mailboxes
Miễn phí 100 thiệt bị

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1.755.000 vnđ

/agent/tháng (Cam kết tháng)
Bao gồm tính năng gói Garden và ...
Quản lý Thay đổi, Vấn đề & Phát hành
Quản lý bản quyền phần mềm
Tùy chỉnh vai trò Agent
Bảo mật nâng cao - Tùy chỉnh SSL & Email Servers
Phần tích chuyên nghiệp
Quản lý hợp đồng
Quản lý dự án

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2.082.600 vnđ

/agent/tháng (Cam kết tháng)
Bao gồm tính năng gói Estate và ...
IP Whitelisting
Cam kết SLA hỗ trợ 1 giờ
Audit Logs
Customer Success Manager
Data Center Location

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